Purim – Party Like It’s 2020!

Let’s Celebrate Together!

We finally made it to 2021, but we are going to party like it’s 2020!  You heard that right, this year’s Purim theme is “2020.”  

We will convene on Zoom on Thursday, February 25 at 6:00 p.m. to hear the Purim story and then have some fun afterwards with a Scavenger Hunt created by your TIDY members.  Costumes are encouraged on our Zoom call and prizes will be given for those who come in costume!  The costume can be anything that represents the year of 2020 to you. It could be a roll of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, a zoom box, etc. Get creative! 

Our Scavenger Hunt will involve using your head and your quick feet to find items around the house related to the holiday of Purim.  We’ll give you the clues and then it will be your job to find something that best matches the description.  It could be something that is shaped like a triangle to represent Hayman’s (cue the boos and groggers) hat, or it could be something that we may find queen Esther wearing. Also, to make it as fair a game as possible – as there will be prizes on the line – we will be splitting up the children participating into groups based on their age. All prizes won during the game will be available to take home at the next Religious School materials pick-up in March. 

Why just have fun on one night?  In the days leading up to Purim, we will send out some activities and crafts related to Purim, and even some directions on how to make your own carnival games at home.  (Plinko or toilet paper roll bowling, anyone?)  Information will be sent via email and will be posted on our Facebook page.  It will be a great way to take a break, enjoy some family time, and celebrate the upcoming holiday!

Our last special surprise for Purim is an interactive online game.  We will send out instructions for children to play Club Penguin, a child-friendly game where you create your own penguin and explore the games on an island with other penguins playing along as well.  Earn coins by playing the games and win additional prizes to go in your Temple Israel bag.  There is so much to explore with the game itself, so have fun discovering it!

We can’t wait to see everyone dressed up in 2020 costumes on February 25! See you on Zoom!