Life Cycle Events


One of the joys and privileges of being part of our synagogue community is having a central address where the milestone moments of our lives unfold—not only from one year to the next, but sometimes even from one generation to the next. Throughout our history, Temple Israel’s families have commemorated together these special times in the Jewish life cycle. These milestones recognize the power of Judaism to deepen our joys and soften our difficult times. They reinforce our sense of community and our link to the past, present and future. Ritual acts are Mitzvot: sanctifying our history, our ideas and uniting us in common practice.


Brit Milah & Brit Bat
Naming & Covenant Ceremonies

Every Jewish baby becomes part of an eternal covenant with the Jewish people and with God. The rituals surrounding birth involve the hopes and dreams of parents for their children as they celebrate the continuation of the Jewish people.  Learn more on Birth Rituals at the Reform Judaism website.

B’nai Mitzvah (Teen & Adult)

Temple Israel is known for the way in which b’nai mizvah children (and adults) are involved in their b’nai mitzvah services. Our rabbis prepare each individual to lead the congregation in prayer, read or chant from the Torah and Haftorah then deliver their own special interpretation of what their Torah portion has taught.  Learn more about B’nai Mitzvah at the Reform Judaism website.

Weddings & Marriage

Everybody loves a wedding especially at Temple Israel! A Jewish marriage is called Kiddushin, a sacred relationship marked by a commitment to a Jewish present and future. A wedding consecrates this relationship, as partners are united before God, their families and the Jewish community. Learn more about Weddings & Marriage at the Reform Judaism website.

Deaths & Funerals

Jewish funeral practices allow the mourners to honor a life and receive comfort from their community. When you face the death of a loved one, there are many difficult decisions to be made and families are often in need of comfort, support and guidance. Our rabbis are here to assist and support you during this difficult time.

In the event of a death, please contact Temple immediately. If a death occurs when the office is closed, please follow the instructions on the Temple’s recorded message to reach Rabbi Bodney-Halasz or Rabbi Sobo directly.

Learn more about Death & Funerals including what to expect when you attend a Jewish Funeral at the Reform Judaism website.