Temple Israel Committees
Temple Israel maintains a number of committees, task forces or program committees to address specific issues or to help plan special events for the congregation. Working on committees is one way members…and even non-members…can involve themselves at Temple.  For more information about any committee, click on the link below each description.


Maintaining Temple Israel’s building, grounds and cemetery is a significant task and responsibility. We are very proud of our home and eager to keep it in good condition and continuous use. The facilities committee reviews the condition of the building, the policies for its use and assists with products for upgrades of systems or enhancements of buildings and grounds. The committee also oversees the operation and maintenance of Temple Israel’s Riverview Cemetery.
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Jewish Cultural Festival

Each year, Temple Israel welcomes the entire community of Dayton to join in on a celebration of Jewish culture and heritage. Attendees of the festival can learn about Judaism through educational presentations, food, music, vendors, other community organizations, and so much more. Even though the event only lasts for one day, a hard-working group of people work all year long to plan and execute all aspects of the day.
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Social Action

Tikkun Olam (repair of the world) is a fundamental value and central activity of Reform Judaism. At Temple Israel, this committee coordinates and oversees Temple’s involvement in various projects during the year, including helping to feed the hungry at St. Vincent DePaul, making Temple more accessible to those with different needs, supporting local women’s shelters in collaboration with Jewish Women’s International and Daybreak. Temple Israel’s caring committee works within social action to support and engage those of our members who are shut in or ill.
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Raising money is important to any non-profit, including a synagogue. Fundraising events are also wonderful social opportunities for our members to work together, play together and support Temple together. Fundraising provides important additional resources that help Temple extend membership and religious education to everyone, regardless of their ability to contribute, and to support programs, purchase books for the library and equipment for the congregation.
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Adult Education

The adult education committee collaborates with the rabbi and other staff to conceive, plan, organize and evaluate the many classes and series offered to adults in our congregation and community. Specific programs include the Ryterband Lecture Series, scholars in residence, adult Hebrew classes and other relevant learning opportunities, both in-person and online.
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The officers of the congregation comprise the executive committee which meets monthly during the year. Chaired by the president, the executive committee helps to create the agenda for the board of directors and acts on behalf of the board between board meetings. All decisions of the executive committee are ratified by the board.
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Welcoming new members and engaging current members is critical to sustaining the congregation and to creating a vibrant community. The membership committee works with staff, other committees and the board to raise introduce potential members to Temple Israel, welcome them to our community and to engage them alongside current members in the life of our congregation.
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Worship and Music

Working closely with the rabbis, this committee evaluates the experience of worship at Temple Israel, makes recommendations and reviews changes to our services. Recently, the committee has studied worship and its structure and experimented with changes that have been incorporated into Temple Israel’s regular worship. The committee also coordinates afternoon worship on Yom Kippur, shaping a particularly powerful experience of the traditional liturgy.
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Religious School

Much like a parent-teacher organization, the religious school committee helps to support our religious school, whether by volunteering at the Kibbitz Cafe, planning special events in the school, reviewing and advising on curriculum or recommending policy for the school. The committee works closely with the educator and is active on Sunday mornings and some Wednesday afternoons when classes meet.
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Temple Israel’s board delegates oversight of finances and accounting to its finance committee which is chaired by the treasurer. The committee works with staff to draft a budget, review expenditures and establish appropriate policies for the fiscal security and efficiency of the congregation.
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