Adult Hebrew


Adult Hebrew

Comfort, familiarity and, potentially, fluency with Hebrew opens the door to participation in Jewish prayer and community.  While one can live a full and rich Jewish life only hearing and not understanding or reading Hebrew, Hebrew is the language of our liturgy and our tradition.

Hebrew study draws members who want to become more comfortable with prayers or texts in Hebrew; parents and grandparents helping their children and grandchildren – or preparing for upcoming b’nai mitzvah in their families; and non-Jews in Dayton who are interested in Hebrew.

Temple offers multiple ways to study Hebrew starting with one-day marathons teaching the alphabet and basic reading skills to classes for intermediate students learning to understand written or spoken Hebrew.  Classes at Temple generally last a semester, occurring in the Fall, Spring or Summer.  Curriculum often continues from one semester to the next, and students often continue together from semester to semester.  Newcomers are always welcome, however, and our rabbis can help you assess your current skills and choose the best place for you to begin among our offerings.

In parallel and separately, Temple offers Hebrew study for children in our religious school.  Adult Hebrew is a separate program, with a focus and curriculum designed for adult learners.

To learn more about Hebrew study at Temple Israel, contact Rabbi Tina Sobo Epstein Family Director of Education at