Temple Israel encourages active worshiper participation as a means of deepening our sense of community.  No steps are required to ascend our Bima.  As we begin the Torah service we take the Torah from the ark and carry it through the sanctuary.  The melodies chosen by our music director invite participation by the entire congregation.  Our goal is that every worship service be experienced as warm, meaningful and welcoming.  We have several different worship spaces of different sizes that we use to achieve that goal. 

Most Erev Shabbat services are conducted in the main sanctuary which is designed to foster a sense of communal intimacy.  Generally services are 6:00 p.m. on the first Friday of the month in our Share Shabbat format.  This service is informal, including a story instead of a sermon, and is followed by a special communal dinner.  The remaining Friday evening services are at 6:30 p.m.  In addition to these services, we offer special services around the holidays and a special bi-monthly healing service preceding regular Shabbat services.

On Shabbat morning when there’s not a Bar/Bat Mitzvah services are held in our Chapel.  This is a smaller space whose informality allows for a greater sense of intimacy during the service. 

The Great Hall is used for worship during the Ten Days of Awe (High Holidays) .  This larger space accommodates the full congregation at once.  The Great Ark stands at the front of this worship space.  This very large structure was built by members of the Temple Israel community.