We Remember and Give Honor

We Remember and Give Honor

Rabbi’s Message – November 10, 2020

Rabbi Karen Bodney-Halasz

One of the most moving speakers I’ve heard at Temple Israel was Pastor Chris Edmonds, who has twice shared the incredible story of his father, Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds, and his organization “Roddie’s Code.”  The message never gets old, only more important.  In this matrix of time, today we stand between remembering the events that signify the beginning of the Holocaust and honoring veterans who served our country, it is only appropriate for us to recall this inspirational story.  His father’s courage to say “we are all Jews here” has been featured in GI Jews and in Pastor Edmond’s 2019 book “No Surrender: The Story of an Ordinary Soldier’s Extraordinary Courage in the Face of Evil,” in which he shares the story of his father’s brave choice to risk his life to save those of the Jewish U.S. infantrymen in the final days of WWII.  

As we give honor to all those who have served our country in war or in peace, we appreciate all who sacrificed and put their own lives on the line to uphold our freedom and dignity.   We especially give thanks for their role in liberating prisoners from the death camps at the end of WWII.  I invite us all to take some time to ourselves to reflect on Master Sergeant Edmond’s heroic story.  Thank you to all our veterans who have served to ensure freedom and democracy.  

If you are interested in watching GI Jews, you may do so through Amazon (or other platforms) and if you would like to learn more about Roddie’s Code and Pastor Edmond’s No Surrender, be sure to look at his website. 

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