Everyone has fun on Purim! (Even our giant puppets!) TIDY, Temple Israel’s youth group, plans and hosts a lively carnival and dinner for the congregation, and Rabbi Bodney-Halasz reads the megillah as candy sails through the air and into the hands, pockets, and bags of children.  Chaotic and raucous…and fun!  And as contemporary and noisy as it is, we’re celebrating Purim exactly the way we are told. Children and adults attend in costume, dressed as characters from the tale of Esther or as any other character you can imagine.  Come to Purim and see Harry Potter, X-Men, kings and princesses, rock stars and lawyers. (OK, so the lawyers didn’t wear costumes this year.  They came as themselves.)  Rabbi Bodney-Halasz's, Rabbi Tina Sobo's, and Courtney Cummings' coordinating costumes are always a surprise.  Dinner is available both before and after the megillah reading which lasts about a half hour in the sanctuary.  The carnival begins after the reading and continues as long as kids…and their parents…are having fun.  The games combine the silly and skillful, from bean bag tosses to sponge throws to face painting. The dart throw at the swinging salami is a perennial favorite. Hit the salami and…you guessed it…you win the salami! Learn more about Purim on the Reform Judaism website, but have more fun by attending the celebration at Temple.