Virtual Israel Trip

Travel to Israel with Us!

On March 8-11, from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. each day, we will travel to Israel with our Tour Guide, Muki Jankelowitz, exploring four different regions of the country, all without leaving the couch.  Where will we be going? We’ll visit the Desert, Galilee, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. Even if you’ve visited Israel before, there will be something new to see and learn.
The Desert plays a disproportionate role in the Biblical stories. It is a backdrop for many of the events in the lives of the patriarchs and matriarchs. The desert is also the geographically largest part of the State of Israel. We will explore the desert looking at its history and the challenges and opportunities it presents in modern Israel.
Galilee, lush and green by Israeli standards, was the site of a number of major revolutions in Jewish history. It was the site of the writing of the Mishna, Jewish mysticism, and Zionist pioneering. We will visit the sites and tell the stories of these revolutions.
Tel Aviv is the 24/7 modern city of Israel. What makes this city so cutting edge in it’s business, culinary and cultural aspects? Why is Tel Aviv the fulfillment of the founding fathers’ and mothers’ dreams?
We conclude our visit in Jerusalem, the focal point of Jewish life. We will look at the history and centrality for the Jewish people (and for Christianity and Islam) of Jerusalem. We will also grapple with the issues that the modern city confronts.
Register now.  Suggested donation is $36 per person, which will go to Temple’s camp scholarship fund which provides assistance to children
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