Planned Giving


These individuals have inscribed pages in the Endowment Book of Life 

Sarah Alpert*
Jeff and Molly Blumer 
Alan and Cathy Brown 
Lena Cantor* 
Rita Cline-Marks 
Rich and Nancy Cohen 
Marcia Cox 
Debbie DiSalvo 
Jerome Epstein* 
Mitchell and Sara Faust 
Donn and Cassie Fishbein 
Chuck and Dee Fried 
Jeff and Marsha* Froelich 
Simeon Gaines* 
Annabelle Gershow 
Ron and Shirlee Gilbert 
Rick and Cathi Goldberg 
Morris Goldberg*
David and Lynn Goldenberg 
Bob and Debby Goldenberg 
Rosalyn Greene* 
Frank and Renee Rubin Handel
Ralph and Sylvia Heyman 
Jim and Jeanne Hochman 
Charles and Joyce Kardon 
Charles and Joan Knoll 
Judith Lapidus* 
Milton Marks*
Jeanette Maimon* 
Leon Matusoff* 
Robin Moore 
Walter and Selma* Ohlmann 
Gary Pacernick 
Janet Patterson* 
Bob and Karyn Posner 
Harold and Midge* Prigozen 
Linda Ruchman*
Marshall Ruchman
Burt and Alice Saidel 
Kathy Schneiderman 
Andy and Pamela Schwartz 
Florence Schwartz* 
Hermene Schwarz* 
Mike and Cindy Seaman 
Betty Semmelman* 
Jeff and Julie Stoller 
John Stotter* 
Tim & Melissa Sweeny 
Stuart and Gail Weprin

*of blessed memory