Maccabiah-Jews, Sports , Israel

Sunday, December 16

Rabbi Tina Sobo – Maccabiah-Jews, Sports, Israel
The Dorothee and Lewis Ryterband Lectures Series, sponsored by the Temple Israel Brotherhood welcomes Rabbi Tina Sobo. Brunch begins at 9:45 and the presentations begin at 10:15 a.m.  All curious about learning more about our Jewish community and the Jewish faith are welcome, members, non-members, Jewish or not.  No prior knowledge is required or expected.  Cost is $7 for individual sessions.

Remember the scene from Airplane?  “Do you have something light [to read]?” and the stewardess responds, “How about this leaflet, Famous Jewish Sports Legends?”  While the topic of some jokes, Jews and sports aren’t antithetical.  The World Maccabiah Games, or the “Jewish Olympics” were first held in 1932 and have a rich history.  Rabbi Sobo will speak about the Games from a historical perspective – reflecting on their impact on athletes and Israel and from a personal perspective – reflecting on her own experience as an athlete and a staff member for the USA delegation.

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