Funds & Endowments


Funds and Endowments

Current Use Funds

General Operating Fund
Supports Temple in the current year

Rabbi Bodney-Halasz's Discretionary Fund
Used by Rabbi Bodney-Halasz to advance Temple and Judaism

Rabbi Sobos's Discretionary Fund
Used by Rabbi Sobo, Temple's Epstein Family Director of Education to advance Temple and Judaism

Brotherhood Education Fund
Supports the Brotherhood Brunch series

Cemetery Fund
Supports Riverview Cemetery


Temple Israel Funds

Alvin and Henrietta Block Fund 
Supports Social Action programs

Buy-a-Book Fund
Purchases books for the library

Stanley and Elaine Donenfeld Greenspace Fund 
Enhances Temple Israel's grounds and outdoor spaces

Marjorie Jane Emoff Fund
Purchases works of art for Temple Israel

Carol Field Fund
Helps kids attend Youth Group programs

Greene Memorial Break-the-Fast Fund
Provides annual Yom Kippur Break-the-Fast

Rosalyn Greene Youth Services Fund
Supports the madrichim program

Lawner Leadership Institute
Supports leadership development activities

Rabbi Stephen Levinson Fund
Develops Youth Group leaders

Jeanette Maimon Memorial Fund
Supports Riverview Cemetery

Selma Ohlmann Operating Fund
Supports a project chosen by the Board

Past Presidents’ Fund
Recognizes past presidents

Betsy Patterson Childcare Fund
Provides child care during services

Joseph and Janet Patterson Fund
Helps children attend camp at GUCI

Esther Pollock Program Fund 
Supports the congregational retreat

Prayerbook Fund 
Buys and repairs prayerbooks

Shirley Schatz Religious School Fund 
Supports the religious school.

Jon Schwartzman Children’s Fund
Supports family and children’s programming

Robert A. Shapiro Educational Fund
Supports new educational programs

Cantor Judah Smith Fund
Supports music at Temple

Tree of Life
Supports Temple programming. 

$400 minimum for a leaf

Witt Memorial Library Fund
Buys supplies and subscriptions for the Library



Foundation Funds

Fund for Tomorrow 
Supports Temple Israel

Building and Maintenance Fund
Maintains Temple’s building

Cantor Family Fund for Music
Supports music at Temple Israel

Robert Cline College Outreach Fund 
Maintains contact with college students

Greenspace Endowment Fund
Maintains Temple’s grounds

Hochman Family Education Fund
Supports an educational program chosen each year

Ruth Lehman Fund
Supports the Clergy Institute

Schwarz Camp Fund
Provides scholarships for camp

Shapiro Bible Fund
Supports confirmation programs

Eureda Zissen Fund
Supports adult programming