Embracing Each Other and Teaching Our Children

Rabbi’s Message – Friday, June 5, 2020

Embracing Each Other and Teaching Our Children

by Rabbi Tina Sobo

Tough conversations are just that, tough.  As parents, we have them with our children all the time.  We are trying to mold them into young adults with the right moral values, and explain difficult concepts to them.  Sometimes they go well and other times they don’t.  Right now, we have a great opportunity to teach our children about the history of systemic racism and the prevalence of prejudice in our country. And more importantly, what it is that we can do to change things for the better, even if it feels overwhelming.

In that spirit, here are a few tips for you from Embrace Race:

  1. Your child is not too young – by 6 months most children are capable of recognizing people that look like them and people who don’t.  Which means, they also react to the differences they see in various ways.
  2. Encourage questions & normalize differences – You don’t have to look for specific “racism” books (though PJ Library has many great resources here) – simply books, media, playgrounds, your circle of friends that represent diversity help normalize diversity.  If your child is seeing faces that represent diversity throughout their day, their circle of what is familiar and normal will be expanded.
  3. You don’t have to do it all at once – Yes, you can have ‘the talk’ with children, especially if they understand or know about a current event, or a specific incident in their lives; but more importantly, understanding differences and valuing each human life as uniquely and equally holy is a life-long process.  Come back to it often and be a role model along the way.

June is also Pride Month, and this same advice essentially applies.  How we speak, how we act, and the experiences we create instill the values of equality and acceptance from a young age.  Start young and keep the conversation going.  And ask for help or support if you need it along the way!

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