Celebrating Teachers

Rabbi's Message - May 3, 2022

Rabbi Tina Sobo

This first week of May is recognized as Teacher Appreciation Week and it is an honor to take some time right now to reflect on how grateful I am for this year’s teaching team in our religious school.  After a year of virtual learning in 2020-21, we embarked on this school year with a large degree of uncertainty as to what challenges the year would bring; but certain it would bring them.  Our teaching team committed to the task, knowing that it would be a more “interesting” year than most.  While we largely avoided the Zoom-boxes throughout the year, COVID remained a factor in our midst and source of last-minute pivots in planning.  We will officially recognize our teaching team on Friday night, along with our graduating seniors.  I hope that you all will join us for this special Share Shabbat service and dinner.  (RSVP for dinner here.)

Whether you spent time in the classrooms or not, I hope you are able to take a stroll through the religious school wing and see the fruits of their learning on the walls and in the halls.  The certificates that we give to the teachers contain a quote from Rabbi Chanina (Taanit 7a), “I have learned much from my teachers and even more from my friends, but from my students, I have learned more than from all of them.”  The learning that we engaged in throughout the year is evident and deepened by all who are involved directly and indirectly in the school.  We are all teachers and we are all students. 

Take some time this week to show your gratitude to the teachers in your life, whether teachers in the walls of a school setting or in the classroom of life.  May we all be open to learning and growth. 

And, a shameless plug for the 5783/2022-23 School Year – Registration materials and finalizing our teaching team are all in the works.  Even if you have not been involved in the religious school in the past, it’s never too late to join!  Jewish (grand)children who will be age 3 by Sept 1 through grade 10 are eligible to enroll in our program.  We also still have room on our teaching team for classroom teachers or “specialists” (whether you want to teach regularly on staff, or help out for a specific project – let me know what your skills are!).  Contact Rabbi Sobo for additional details - educator@tidayton.org.

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